Sea buckthorn Luxury Spa soap, 90 g

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This soap floods with forces of nature together with sea buckthorn of thousands of effects! Luxuriously wonderful soap is the best friend for those who suffer from skin problems.


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Sea buckthorn improves cleansing and soothes embarrassing redness!

Saaren Taika, Sea buckthorn Luxury Spa soap, 90 g.The luxuriously wonderful soap is suitable for almost all skin types and gives mild relief to couperosa, or rosacea. Also gives the desired effect to those who suffer from redness or pimples!

Grateful users say that they have received help from Sea Buckthorn Luxury Spa soap, e.g. hormone pimples, rashes, redness, dandruff and itching.

Use is easy: Moisten the soap and rub in a sponge or directly on the skin. Rinse thoroughly.



Coconut oil (organic), Olive oil (organic), Water, Sunflower oil (organic), Glycerin, Shea butter (organic), Cocoa butter (organic), Lavender essential oil, Kaolin clay, Pelargonium essential oil, Tea tree essential oil, dried.

  • Origin Finland
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