Traveller MyPlanet Direction Plain 0.6L Black

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The stylish black Traveler MyPlanet Repeat Plain drinking bottle has an EcoCare inner surface resistant to fruit acids, is chemical-free, and is completely sealed. A bottle made of recycled aluminum lasts for years and is recyclable!


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SIGG drinking bottles represent sustainable development at its best!

SIGG drinking bottles are zero-waste products at their best, represent top Swiss quality. This SIGG bottle also represents simple elegance with its black color.
The frame of the Traveler MyPlanet drinking bottle is 100% recycled aluminum, which was created from old wires and plates. The drink bottle cap is made of cellulose, a renewable material - cellulose gives the bottle a soft woody scent.
The bottle models emphasize the importance of climate protection and the primary role of sustainable development with colors and illustrations that are as natural as possible.

  • Origin China
  • EAN: 7630135600313
  • SKU: SIGG-7630135600313