Muslin cloth for cleaning the skin, 30x30cm

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The wonderful muslin cloth is a an excellent helper for cleansing the skin!


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The amazing muslin cloth is a wonderful helper for cleansing the skin!

Now the cotton pads got a challenger when the muslin cloth arrived to help with skin cleansing! The World of Well-being Muslin Cloth is made from 100% organic cotton. The name “Muslin” means the way the fabric is tied. In the muslin cloth, the fabric is a little rough, so it gently exfoliates the skin during cleansing. Ecological muslin cloth for facial cleansing enhances skin cleansing. The muslin cloth is suitable for all skin types, but we do not recommend it for cleaning eye makeup, as the low surface roughness may be too much for sensitive skin around the eyes.

Effects of muslin cloth on the skin: The exfoliating effect gently opens the surface of the skin and thus the treatment creams can be absorbed more efficiently. The skin feels clean and sweetly soft. Airy and loosely woven cloths dry quickly, so they are also hygienic. The cloth has a small loop from which it can be conveniently hung to dry.

Muslin Cloth Instructions for Use: Apply cleanser to face. Wipe makeup and dirt off your face in a gentle swirling motion with a cloth dampened with warm water. If necessary, you can rinse the cloth in between. Clean the cloth and allow to dry for the next use. After 3-4 uses, we recommend 40 ° machine wash. You can wash it in the washing machine among the white laundry or if you want to boil the cloth, throw it in boiling water to disinfect.

Raw material: 100% organic cotton.

  • Origin China
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