Calendula, 50 g

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Sunshine on your plate or even for your skin!


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Sunshine on your plate or even for your skin!

Organic and biodynamically grown calendula will put a smile on your face with its colour alone!
Calendula is an ancient herb that is best known on the cosmetic side. After all, its soothing properties have become familiar to all kinds of creams and balms. But this beautiful flower is also good for the body from the inside and is perfect for making your own tea blends and enjoying during the winter months.
Whether your goal is radiant beauty and skin well-being or inner beauty and personal well-being, give this orange flower a try!
Ingredients: Calendula
Nutritional value per 100g:
Energy: kJ 1229/kcal 296
Fat: 7,5g
of which saturated: 2,6g
Carbohydrates: 23,8g
Sugar: 5,2g
Protein: 14,9g
Fiber: 36,7g
Salt: 0,22g
  • Origin Austria
  • EAN: 9004145002142
  • SKU: SONNEN-9004145002142