Just Women Iron, 25 mg

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A convenient and quickly absorbed iron supplement for women.


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A convenient and quickly absorbed iron supplement for women.

Superior Source Just Women Iron is a fast-absorbing and stomach-friendly iron supplement, developed especially for women's needs! They help maintain optimal iron levels. The absorption of iron can be improved with the intake of vitamin C.

Dosage for adults: One tablet under the tongue daily. It can also be swallowed as a regular tablet. Please note that the recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Iron is an important trace element for humans. Iron promotes the normal function of the immune system, energy metabolism, red blood cell formation, cognitive functions and helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion, and participates in cell division.

Iron (Ferrous Fumarate), stevia extract, and lactose (milk), natural cherry flavor and acacia gum




sweetener from stevia 2 mg




natural cherry aroma




lactose ** (from milk)








* active substance








** The very small amount of lactose in the product does not cause problems for lactose intolerants, as lactose does not enter the gastrointestinal tract

Nutritional content / 1 tablet: Iron (Ferrous Fumarate) 25 mg Stevia leaf extract 2 mg

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"Super absorption if you put this microcapsule under the tongue. My low ferritine levels have got better after using this easy stomach-friendly product!"

- Satu