Taika Eye Cream, 15 ml

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Eye cream with Finnish birch power!


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Eye cream with Finnish birch power!

A soft and easily absorbed eye cream protects, moisturizes, and softens sensitive and brittle skin around the eyes.

The combination of carefully selected organic vegetable oils and plant-based ingredients gently cares for the skin; sunflower seed oil nourishes and softens, shea butter protects and prevents moisture evaporation, flaxseed oil softens and nourishes, birch sap and xylitol bind moisture.

Antioxidant spray extract protects the skin from free radicals, soothes, and helps reduce swelling. Buy, test, and fall in love!

Taika is a Finnish vegan, carbon-neutral and eco-certified natural cosmetics collection, offering both high quality and competitive prices to benefit customers. Many of Taika’s products contain birch sap. They’re lightweight and easily absorbed. Taika, which means 'magic in English, is an excellent offer of Finnish natural cosmetics!
  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 64030357
  • SKU: TAIKA-64030357