Sauna Scent Birch, 01, 12 g

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Autumn is already shedding leaves from trees, but the scent of birch pampers the mind and body as on the most beautiful summer day.


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Steam summer to your home with wondeful birch aroma!

The wonderful scent of summer! Birch scent lifts you into an authentic sauna atmosphere and enhances the sauna's therapeutic effects.

Birch refreshes, revitalizes and cleanses the mind and body.

Made from 100% Finnish herbs.

Terhen was born out of a passion to keep the unique Finnish sauna tradition alive and strong, suitable for this time. Terhen brings natural well-being to everyday life.

Ingredients: Betula pubescens, birch

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 00001212
  • SKU: TERHEN-00001212
  • Packaging text: EN, FI, SE