Extra Virgin Oil, Garlic, 250 ml

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Organic extra virgin olive oil with garlic is perfect as such to serve as a pasta sauce, for example! Top quality Terra Creta contains nothing extra, just organic deliciousness!


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Garlic, the queen of spices, crowns the taste experience.

Garlic has been added to the top-selling Terra Creta organic extra virgin olive oil! Known for its quality, this olive oil is perfect for flavouring pasta and bruschettas, just sprinkle a little salt on top and you're done! The oil gives the garlic a wonderfully soft and aromatic flavour.

From the beautiful island of Crete, Terra Creta olive oils are of the highest quality and enhance the flavour of your food, combining the different components of the dish into a delicious whole.

Each Terra Creta bottle is sealed and the product's origin is easy to verify with Terra Creta's innovative tree-to-bottle tracing system (PGI).

In addition to 100% traceability, Terra Creta oils are characterized by a delicious taste, sustainability, transparency, environmental friendliness and authenticity. Terra Creta contains no added ingredients.

Greek organic extra virgin olive oil (99%), organic garlic

  • Origin Greece
  • EAN: 5200101809808
  • SKU: TERRAC-5200101809808