Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml

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Award-winning, high-quality Terra Creta extra-virgin olive oil!


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Award-winning, high-quality Terra Creta extra-virgin olive oil!

Terra Creta's extra virgin olive oil is an organic quality olive oil that has been produced responsibly and can be traced back to the plantations. Taste is gentle and aromatic!

How to Use: Suitable for all cooking, but is a delicious combination with fresh bread, for example.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil*.
* = organic.

  • Origin Greece
  • EAN: 5200252260602
  • SKU: TERRAC-5200252260602
  • Packaging text: FI, SE

"With this high-quality oil, you can add more taste to your foods in a healthy way. Olive oil is my definite favorite, especially with salads. Usually I also use Terra Creta balsamico."

- Hanna H.

"The best virgin olive oil for salads and other foods. Very sufficient bottle."

- Katja