Ginger Beer Bottoms Up, Organic, 330 ml

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Fantastic non-alcoholic party drink that works perfect as a drink mixer!


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Award-winning ginger beer, now organic!

Ginger People Bottoms Up Organic is a non-alcoholic and unfiltered ginger beer that really tastes like ginger. Ginger gives a lovely little kick.


Refreshing drink that is perfect as it is for example after a sauna or workout. Also goes well in various drink mixes. Contains 4% real ginger.


Tip: Turn the bottle upside down before opening so that the ginger spreads throughout the bottle and does not stay at the bottom.

Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar, ginger juice (4%), citric acid (E330).

  • Origin Poland
  • EAN: 6430054832885
  • SKU: GINGER-6430054832885