Eye Defence, 30 pcs

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Natural wellbeing to support your eye-health! You have to try this powerful carotenoid trio!


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When it's simply not enough to tuck away carrots!

Together Eye Defence, Eye Wellness 30 pcs is an effective combination of different carotenoids to support the well-being of your eyes. The active ingredients are lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin.
We often remember to take care of many other important parts of the body, but the health of the eyes may be forgotten, especially at a younger age when the eyes do not bother in any way. However, many other things affect eye health due to natural aging, and you probably guess that electronic devices are by no means friends with our eyes!

Health claims / EFSA

M-2008-1061 1604 - Lutein - Eye health


1 capsule. containsPea protein *, lutein 10mg calendula, astaxanthin 2.5mg green microalgae, zeaxanthin 2mg calendula, tocopherol, beta-carotene 1000mcg carrot concentrate, acacia gum *.
Vegetable cellulose capsule. *
Non-GMO plant ingredients used to convert oil to powder.

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