K2-vitamin, 30 pcs

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30 capsules

An effective vitamin K2 made by natural fermentation to support your well-being!


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Put some organic K in your system effortlessly!

Together Vitamin K2, 30 pcs is natural and completely vegan. It has taken a wild amount of time to design and is based on a fermentation method familiar from Japan, which Together has used as his inspiration.

Vitamin K e.g. promotes normal blood clotting as well as bone maintenance.
One of the best sources of K2 can be found in ancient Japanese food called nattō. Nattō is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with a bacterium called Bacillus subtilis natto. This bacterial strain is essential for vitamin K2. Together has fermented chickpeas instead of soybeans to avoid possible genetic modification in the product.

Dosage according to the package instructions. Please note that the stated recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. You also know that this product is certainly not a substitute for a varied diet (remember to chew well and eat consciously anyway) or other healthy lifestyles. Keep this product out of the reach of small children.

1 kapseli sisältää: Kookosöljy, tapiokatärkkelys, kasviselluloosa, K2-vitaminiini (Menaquinone-7) 120mcg (160%*) fermentoidusta kikherneestä. Kasviselluloosakapseli. *% vuorokautisen saannin vertailuarvosta."

1 capsule contains: Coconut oil, tapioca, vegetable cellulose, vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7) 120mcg (160% *) of fermented chickpeas.Vegetable cellulose capsule .*% of daily intake reference value."

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