Multivitamin & Mineral, vegan, 60 pcs

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A multivitamin made from whole foods and natural ingredients from the sea. Specially designed for the needs of vegans and vegetarians in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.


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Vitality for vegans and flower-power for vegetarians!

Together, Vegan omega-3, 30 pcs.The ingredients for the fatty acid come from pure seaweed. The seaweed is vegan, sustainable to produce and can be grown without the risk of marine contaminants being transferred to the product.
Unfortunately, our oceans are no longer clean, but there are all sorts of pollutants, such as heavy metals, herbicides, PCBs, dioxins and you know what.
Dosage according to the package instructions. Please note that the stated recommended daily allowance should not be exceeded. You also know that this product is certainly not a substitute for a varied diet (remember to chew well and eat consciously anyway) or other healthy lifestyles. Keep this product out of the reach of small children.
Together’s complete nutrition-based ingredients are raw and whole. Using carefully controlled low temperature conditions, Together preserves all the natural goodness found in fresh raw materials such as living enzymes and phytonutrients, amino acids, trace elements and other bioactive factors.

2 capsules contain:
Calcium 280 mg (35% *) of seaweed (Lithotamnion calc.)
Iron 9 mg (64% *) of yeast concentrate¹
Zinc 7 mg (70% *) of yeast concentrate¹
Vitamin K12 20 mcg (27% *) of chickpeas
Iodine 120 mcg (80% *) of yeast concentrate
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) 20 mcg (800% *) of yeast concentrate

Vegetable cellulose capsule. *% of daily intake reference value.
¹ Inactive and non-Candida yeast, no known allergic reactions.

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