Licorice Root Powder, 17 g

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Liquorice root powder is like a forgotten treasure in the world of spices. It has a bold and enticing, warm and spicy taste. A natural sweetener, it's perfect for a pannacotta, for example.


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A tremendously delicious, even a bit exciting spice!

Organic licorice root powder is a famous sweetener in cooking and baking, and has been used in particular to sweeten desserts. It's an absolutely excellent seasoning for exotic dishes, pannacotta and vanilla ice cream.

Compared to licorice extract powder, this licorice root powder contains only dried and ground licorice root, it's lighter in colour and the fibers are visible.

Licorice root powder gives a natural sweetness and by using it you can easily save on sugar consumption. Licorice root also has a wide range of health benefits, not only for digestion but also for skin, respiratory and urinary tract health. Licorice root also promotes immune function and has antioxidant properties. It also supports muscle and bone health and energy levels!

However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, then you should avoid licorice!

Basics of health claims / EFSA:
M-2008-1061 3769 - Glycyrrhiza glabra - common name : Licorice - Digestion

M-2008-1061 4050 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Respiratory

M-2008-1061 4051 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Mental

M-2008-1061 4052 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Digestion

M-2008-1061 4053 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Immunity. Antioxidant

M-2008-1061 4054 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Energy

M-2008-1061 4055 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Genitourinary

M-2008-1061 4056 - Glycyrrhiza glabra ROOT - Joints & bones

Organic licorice


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