Mango, dried, 135 g

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Mango is tasty and healthier than sweets - perfect for snacking or for cooking!


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Mango is tasty and healthier than sweets - take a bite and be ready to get hooked!

This tasty, lightly dried organic mango is a healthier way to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. The sour-sweet mango pieces are perfect for snacking on their own or for cooking! If you're not careful, this treat will sweep you off your feet! Try it if you dare! PS: Did you know that the heavenly delicious organic mango contains fibre which helps digestion? Marvellous mango contains even potassium. Take a bite now!

Organic mango

  • Origin Denmark
  • EAN: 5765228514641
  • SKU: URTEKR-5765228514641

"I get totally addicted to these, like eating candy!"

- Anu

"The best fruit ”candy” ever! Just perfectly sweet and sour."

- Sari

"The best afternoon snack ever! These lovely sweet mango bites replace candies fine, just a more healthy way!"

- Maria