MultiVit Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement

MultiVit Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement

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Vegvit Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement - one capsule a day is enough!


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One capsule a day is enough!

MultiVit is a unique, natural vegan multivitamin product. Contains 26 vitamins and minerals in a well-absorbed form.

Dosage for Adults: For adults 1 capsule daily with food.

The jar contains 60 capsules, so it lasts about two months.

Please Note: The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Remember that a dietary supplement does not replace a versatile diet or healthy life habits.

list of ingredients: calcium carbonate, anti-clogging agents (magnesium citrate), fillers (microchip cellulose), vitamin C compound (ascorbic acid, polishes (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), extract mixture [goji extract, blueberry extract, green tea extract, pumpkin seed extract, resveratrol (grape extract)], citrus bioflavonoid compound, choline bitartrate, iron amino acid yolate, Vitamin E compound (d-alpha-tocopherol, anti-celing agents (silica), nicotinamide, routine, inositol, calcium pantothenic acid, pyridoxin hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride, bladder algae extract, riboflavin, zinc nitrate, selenium-methionine, carotenoid compound, vitamin A compound [maltodextrin, maize starch, vitamin A (retinyl acetate)], manganese sulphate, coenzyme Q10, lutein powder, copper sulphate, vitamin D compound [sucrose, anti-caking substances (silica), antioxidants (ascorbyl palmitate), cholecalciferol], beta-carotene (maize, starch, beta-carotene),vitamin K2 (menakinone), folic acid, chromium picolilate, sodium polybdenate, biotin, vitamin B12 (cyanobalcomine) .

Recommended daily dose (1 tablet) contains:

Vitamin A 800 µg (100%*)
Vitamin D3 5 µg (50%*)
Vitamin E 12 mg (100%*)
Vitamin B1 1.65 mg (150%*)
Vitamin B2 2.1 mg (150%*)
Vitamin B3 16 mg (100%*)
Vitamin B5 6 mg (100%*)
Vitamin B6 2.1 mg (150%*)
Vitamin B12 (plant-based) 50 µg (2000%*)
Vitamin C 80 mg (100%*)
Vitamin K2 75 µg (100%*)
Folic acid 400 µg (200%*)
Biotin 50 μg (100%*)
Coenzyme Q10 10 mg
Calcium 120 mg (15%*)
Iron 14 mg (100% *)
Iodine (from bladder wrack) 150 µg (100%*)
Magnesium 57 mg (15%*)
Zinc 10 mg (100%*)
Selenium 55 µg (100%*)
Copper 1 mg (100%*)
Manganese 2 mg (100%*)
Chromium 40 µg (100%*)
Molybdenum 50 µg (100%*)
Choline 15 mg
Inositol 15 mg
Lutein 2 mg
Rutin 20 mg
Citrus bioflavonoid 20 mg
Plant-based extracts: 200 mg
Goji extract 50 mg
Bilberry extract 30 mg
Green Tea extract 50 mg
Resveratrol 50 mg
Pumpkin seed extract 20 mg

* =% - share of daily intake reference value for adults

  • Origin United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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