Classic (Cinnamon Spice), 17 bags

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17 tea bags

Soothing and warming spicy tea blend!


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A classic blend of cinnamon and spices.

Yogi Tea, Classic (Cinnamon Spice), 17 bags. The perfect combination of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves warms both the mind and body with its appealing, uniquely exquisite aromas.


Yogi Tea (USA) has been making its legendary Ayurvedic tea blends, based on organic herbs and spices, for 40 years. Yogi Tea has more than 40 different tea blends supporting health. Yogi Tea works following the highest ethical principles in collaboration with farmers and other partners, bearing its social and environmental responsibilities.

Ingredients: Cinnamon * (61%), cardamom *, ginger *, cloves *, black pepper *, cinnamon extract, cinnamon oil *.
* = organic quality.

  • Origin Netherlands
  • EAN: 4012824400054
  • SKU: YOGI-4012824500136

"Classic taste for the friends of warming spices. De-caf herbal infuse suites perfectly to warm up the cold days. It´s excellent for spicing up the casseroles, warming up the spices with a hint of oil before adding the rest of the ingredients."


"The first organic tea acquaintance and still my favorite one! It tastes as lovely as Ruohonjuuri smells : )"