Green Tea, Matcha Lemon

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17 tea bags

Refreshing seduction will make your day better! The aromatic tea blend of three green teas is famous for its health effects, flavored with the best organic herbs.


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Refreshing seduction will make your day better!

The clusters of three green teas, famous for their health benefits and aromatic properties, are flavoured with the best organic herbs. This refreshing tea experience is the perfect coffee substitute - and a delicious one.

Alongside Tencha, Sencha and Matcha teas, this sublime experience from the Yogi tea range features a flavour symphony of lovably fresh lime, gently sweet licorice root, lemongrass, lemon balm, peppermint and refreshing guarana.

Yogi Tea (USA) has been making its legendary Ayurvedic tea blends, based on organic herbs and spices, for 40 years. Yogi Tea has more than 40 different tea blends supporting health. Yogi Tea works following the highest ethical principles in collaboration with farmers and other partners, bearing its social and environmental responsibilities.

Ingredients: green tea*, (tencha*, sencha*, matcha*), lime*, liquorice*, lemon grass*, peppermint*, black pepper*, dried lemon juice*, guarana*, lemon oil*, lemon verbena*, lemon peel*, ginger*
* Certified organic

  • Origin Germany
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