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7 Skin Method is a Korean skin care routine where seven layers of toner are applied to the face and neck to moisturize the skin and make it radiant. In Korea, toner is not considered as one part of skin cleansing. Instead its function is to balance and moisturize the skin after cleansing.

The 7 Skin Method – how it works

After cleansing the face, a small amount of toner is squeezed into the palm. The hands are then lightly rubbed together.

The toner is pressed and patted gently on the skin of the face and neck. The toner is allowed to absorb before the next layer is added.

The routine is repeated until seven layers have been applied. One or more different toners can be applied.

Finally, the moisture provided by the toner ritual is sealed into the skin with a moisturizer.

The 7 Skin Method can be used three times a week, or even every morning and evening according to your skin’s needs.

TIPS FROM US: The ideal product for your 7 Skin Method routine is the Whamisa series Deep Rich Toner – much more than a regular toner!

The Whamisa series Deep Rich Toner is a versatile moisturizing toner for the skin. This serum-like full-bodied toner with a cult-like reputation has a fast-absorbing composition in which the water is completely replaced with aloe extract. The luxurious-feeling, thicker-than-usual toner contains dandelion extract and argan oil, which deeply and naturally moisturize the skin. Because Deep Rich Toner also brightens the skin and shrinks pores as an added benefit, it is truly the perfect product for the 7 Skin Method.

7 Skin Method – benefits

The secret of the 7 Skin Method is that this beauty ritual results in a skin that is moisturized, soft and wonderfully full-bodied. After the treatment, the skin remains glowing and stays moisturized throughout the day. Layering and warming the skin helps absorb moisture and active ingredients deeper into the skin. It is beneficial that the results of the 7 Skin Method are visible and felt almost immediately.

The 7 Skin Method is a great skin care ritual because it is suitable for all skin types. Of course, the 7 Skin Method can be adapted to the needs of your own skin, for example by varying how often you perform your skin care routine and choosing the right toner for your skin type. 7 Skin Method is especially useful for dry skin due to its deep moisturizing effect. We highly recommend it!


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