Experiences with iron spray

30-person test group tested Nordic Health Sprays popular Iron Spray . The group included diverse sports enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts and athletes who were active in the gym, group exercise, crossfit, running, biking, skiing, swimming, triathlon and ball games. Read the testers experiences here!
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Nordic Health Sprays tested the effectiveness of its popular Iron Spray in a 30-person test group. The group included diverse sports enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts and athletes who were active in the gym, group exercise, crossfit, running, biking, skiing, swimming, triathlon and ball games.

Iron spray is a stomach-friendly choice

A full 100 percent of the testers found Iron Spray to be stomach-friendly. Of the 20 participants in the test group, other iron preparations normally caused stomach upset, and more than half of them had also used liquid iron preparations.

Those who tested the iron spray were particularly pleased with the absorbency and stomach-friendliness of the iron mouth spray, as well as the fact that the spray could be used at any time without having to think about mealtimes. Even the taste of the spray was pleasant, so that it could be used at any time.

All test subjects found the Nordic Health Sprays iron spray to be really stomach-friendly, and even its regular use did not cause any stomach symptoms. 

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The iron spray brought made testers enthusiastic about exercise and everyday chores

With the use of iron spray, some of the testers with an athlete profile exercised better and longer in physical exercise, and they did not get tired as easily as before. In more fit testers, a positive effect on exercise performance, performance training, and training enhancement, as an improvement in training performance was observed after using the iron spray. In some of the testers, their heart rate or respiration did not rise as high as at the beginning of the test period during rest or light exercise when using the iron spray.

With the use of the iron spray, part of the test group was able to focus better than usual on paperwork and everyday things. In office work, some found that their ability to concentrate improved and remained good even in the afternoon, when concentration difficulties and fatigue had usually been most severe.

Energized mornings with iron spray

Typical symptoms of iron deficiency include fatigue, exhaustion, and low energy levels. Iron deficiency may also result in an increased need for sleep.

For some of the participants in the test group, the iron spray helped with getting up in the morning – getting up became easier, and using the alarm snooze button decreased. Some testers also felt that they did not feel as disoriented in the morning, and some felt that they were more perky right away at the start of the day. For some of the testers, the need for sleep also decreased and the alarm clock became almost unnecessary. The need for naps also disappeared, as did the need for rest immediately after returning home at the end of the day.

Iron spray received praise from users for the following things in particular:

– Good energy levels all day
– An energetic feeling during the dark months
– A more energetic feeling after work
– A more ‘high-charged’ feeling than usual, which was reflected in everyday tasks and training
– Many things were easier to do than usual, and I was also able to do them well
– As a result of increased vitality I also started a new hobby and exercising
– With the help of the iron spray, I had the energy for longer-lasting and physical tasks as well as endurance exercises

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The best properties of Nordic Health Sprays iron spray

  • Stomach friendly

  • Excellently absorbable

  • Easy to use

  • Fatigue-reducing

  • Increases vitality for everyday life

  • Increases endurance and power for movement

  • Improves concentration

  • Vegan option

What does iron do to our health in general?

Iron promotes the normal red blood cells and forming the hemoglobin and normal oxygen transporting in body. It also supports the normal immunity and helps to prevent fatigue and exhaustion. Iron also takes part of cell dividing process.