Korean cosmetics – what is the reason for its popularity?

Many find Korean cosmetics inspiring. In Korean cosmetics, the idea is that skin care should not feel like a chore. Since skin care is a daily routine, you should make it a part of life that is as pleasant as possible. Read more and be inspired!
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Korean cosmetics receive praise! Korean cosmetics have been hailed as a superior combination of experiences, innovation, and quickly visible treatment results. In addition, the immense popularity is ensured by the excellent price-quality ratio: an optimally tuned set of benefits makes skin care both rewarding and inspiring.

Some find the treatment results brought about by Korean cosmetics, visible in just a few days, downright addictive, while others are motivated to take care of their skin.

According to the Korean concept of cosmetics, the most important thing is to make sure that the basics of skin care are in order: once the skin is clean and moisturized, no magic tricks are needed.

Korean cosmetics are based on vigorously careful, often multiple-time skin cleansing – and perhaps most importantly, careful moisturizing. Other important elements include various serums, lotions and creams, all of which are designed to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Why is skin hydration so important?

Moisturized skin looks light, smooth, supple – and maybe even younger than its age. In fully moisturized skin, all kinds of fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out.

Many find Korean cosmetics inspiring. In Korean cosmetics, the idea is that skin care should not feel like a chore. Since skin care is a daily routine, you should make it a part of life that is as pleasant as possible.

In Western countries, Korean cosmetics, which are created as an experience, are sometimes called “skintertainment”. Indeed, many Korean cosmetics brands invest in spectacular packaging and products that bring joy to life – or at least a sense of luxury to everyday life.

Korean cosmetics have been widely praised for their high quality and low price.

Korean cosmetics at Ruohonjuuri 

Although Korean cosmetics series invest in high quality, there is no abundance of choices in the field of products certified as natural cosmetics. Most Korean cosmetics kits contain ingredients that do not pass the screen of natural cosmetics certificates.

However, the Ruohonjuuri selection provides an exceptional individual: the Korean, natural cosmetics grade Whamisa series, whose Deep rich toner was chosen as the Ruohonjuuri´s best skin care product last year.

Whamisa products, now favorites in the Ruohonjuuri selection, are fermented natural cosmetics, a famous Korean product. The series of products has been awarded the German BDIH natural cosmetics certificate. Founded in 2010, the innovative Whamisa series combines high technology, long-term product development work, attractive plant ingredients and lightweight yet super-moisturizing compositions. Whamisa products are completely water-free, and the raw materials they use are fermented to provide the maximum therapeutic effect.

Whamisa Deep Rich Toner is a multi-award winner

Whamisa Deep Rich Toner was named one of the best skin care products of the year in the Katja Kokko Genuine Beauty Awards 2018 review.

“A recipe for clear skin: Whamisa Toner and 7 Skin Method. Of all the toners/conditioners I have tested in my entire life, Whamisa toners still manage to amaze with their effectiveness,” Kokko praised this exceptional natural cosmetics product.

The Ruohonjuuri staff also chose Whamisa Deep rich toner as the best natural cosmetics product of the year.

“The king of Korean natural cosmetics that really does its magic on the skin. Whamisa Series Toner, deep rich is deeply moisturizing, serum-like toner that feels very special on the skin. The product has become super popular both with Ruohonjuuri´s customers and staff, and this product, created through fermenting and containing no water, brightens and moisturizes your skin right before your eyes,” according to our experts in natural cosmetics.

This hugely popular, serum-like toner is the basic product of the 7 skin method, which also receives praising reviews from Ruohonjuuri´s customers:

“Wonderfully moisturizing, easy to layer for extra effect, perfect for my atopic skin! Also leaves no sticky surface.” – Anu

“A super-nurturing and moisturizing toner! Easy to apply serum-like composition on the face and is well absorbed.” – Henriikka

“Elite skin care! Super moisturizes, regenerates and refreshes the skin. Use under treatment cream, complement cleansing or apply all day to bring more moisture to the skin” – Hanna

“Dry skin salvation!” - Sanna

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