Organic Bulgarian Chamomile Water, 120 ml

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Chamomile flower water soothes sensitive and irritated skin!


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Chamomile flower water soothes sensitive and irritated skin!

Bulgarian Organic Chamomile Water - Spray Chamomile water is the skin's best friend!


Chamomile treats small skin infections and soothes irritated skin effectively. The chamomile water stimulates and revives your wonderful skin! Chamomile water is also an effective help against skin contaminants and skin inflammation. The sensual, soft scent of chamomile gives a calm feeling and balances both the skin and the mind.


Use as a facial:  Spray all over the face. Dampen a cotton pad with chamomile water and pat on face and neck. Dampen a face towel in warm water and chamomile water, apply the towel on the face for a few minutes to clean the skin, and open the pores.


Use as body care: - Spray chamomile water all over the body to freshen up and moisturize the skin.


Use as hair care: - Spray chamomile water into your clean hair. - Use chamomile water in the hair daily to give it extra shine. Behind all Alteya Organic products, only pure and organic ingredients apply.

INCI: 100 % Natural steam-distilled chamomile flower water.

  • Origin Bulgaria
  • EAN: 3800219794182
  • SKU: ALTEYA-3800219794182

"This flower water calms my skin that has been irritated beneath the mask. I can spray this happily for whole body."

- Marika