Organic Bulgarian Lavender Water, 120 ml

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Alteya Lavender water treats minor skin inflammations, reduces redness, and eliminates even the sorest of zits. Soothes the skin after sun exposure!


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Alteya Lavender water treats minor skin inflammations, reduces redness, and eliminates even the sorest of zits!

Alteya Organics Bulgarian Organic Lavender Water - Glass Spray


Lavender flower water balances and soothes your beautiful skin. This product your skin will love! Bulgarian Organic Lavender Water helps soothe small inflammatory conditions in the skin, soothes redness, and treats even the most tender pimples on the way. The product contains 100% lavender water, which is made from fresh, genuine lavender flowers. Lavender flower is a valuable raw material for essential lavender oil with superior therapeutic effect. Alteya uses a globally unique distillation method that (with several generations of experience and best technology) utilizes the benefits and effects of lavender to support your natural beauty.


Benefits of Lavender Flower Water:


• Cleansing, soothing, and balancing


• Relieves inflammation and redness


• Antiseptic


Use of flower water:


Use flower water as a toner after cleansing the skin. Spray in the morning and evening on clean skin with a cotton ball or cotton pad as an application. Flower water is also suitable for spraying on the skin and hair throughout the body. When you inject into the room air, you get a little touch of flowering water in the form of a refreshing floral scent that makes your daily aromatherapy even more refreshing.

INCI: 100% pure steam distilled lavender flower water

  • Origin Bulgaria
  • EAN: 3800219794168
  • SKU: ALTEYA-3800219794168

"After stared all day computer screen these flower water sprays wakes up even the most fatigue skin cells! I keep this always within hand range distance of my desk."

- Ninee

"My trusted one. It calms and smooths skin. When I started to use this, the little impurities vanished completely. Lovely scent and price-quality is definitely spot on."

- Mariele