Organic Bulgarian Rose Water, 240 ml

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Skin renewing rose water is the best match for mature skin!


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Skin renewing rose water is the best match for mature skin!

Alteya Organics Rosewater is a luxuriously scented life partner that invigorates tired skin by revitalizing and renewing its functions!

From Damascena roses grown in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria, Rosewater is one of the most prestigious and luxurious flower waters in the world.

The versatile and holistic properties of rose water will delight your mind, hair, and skin!

With the help of rosewater, you moisturize and brighten and refresh both hair and skin! Rosewater is simply the perfect choice to complete your daily skin cleansing or hair washing routine!

Thanks to its rejuvenating and refreshing anti-aging effects, Rose Flower Water is the supreme friend of adult skin.

Use rose water:

Facial care: Moisten a cotton pad with rosewater, and pat on the face and neck. Moisten a face towel in warm water and rosewater. Apply the towel on your face for a few minutes to clean your skin and open your pores.

For body skin:


Apply rose water all over your body to refresh and moisturize your skin. Rosewater invigorates tired skin and also treats the skin in the aftermath of excessive sun exposure.

Rosewater for hair:


Moisturizing milling for your hair is done simply by applying rose water to your clean hair! Use rose water on your hair daily to add shine and beauty to your hair!

Benefits of rose water for skin care:

- Deep cleansing & balancing
- For the prevention of acne and small inflammatory conditions of the skin
- Renewing skin functions, anti-aging; slows down skin aging
- Refreshing, moisturizing, and stimulating
- Antiseptic or cleansing

Use floral water: Use floral water like facial water after cleansing your skin. Apply morning to evening on clean skin. Use a cotton pad as an aid for application. Flower water is also suitable for application to the skin and hair of the whole body. When sprayed into the room air, you get a small touch of floral water in the form of a refreshing floral fragrance for everyday aromatherapy.

INCI: 100% pure steam distilled rose flower water.

  • Origin Bulgaria
  • EAN: 3800219794137
  • SKU: ALTEYA-3800219794137

"It´s always a good time to spray some rosewater. Luxury scent and handful pump mechanism : )"

- Ninee

"My favorite toner! This one ingredient miracle hydrates and smoothes my skin tone."

- Jasmini