Arabica Coffee Oil, 20 ml

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Genuine coffee oil is rejuvenating, moisturizing, and firming.


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Arabica Coffee Oil tightens facial skin and promotes hair growth!

Due to its high caffeine content, Coffee Oil effectively reduces the skin's swelling around the eyes and firms the facial skin, activating its functions.

Please note, 100% coffee oil is a potent concentrate, which is why you need it for a minimal amount on your skin. You can also very well mix Coffee Oil with face cream to give it extra power.

Coffee Oil is not intended to be eaten. Pure Coffee Oil is too strong for internal use!
Coffee Arabica Seed Oil.
  • Origin Uganda
  • EAN: 4260421110023
  • SKU: BALMYO-4260421110023
  • Packaging text: FI, SE

"If you love coffee, you will definitely love this product! It firms and moisturizes effectively renovating even the most delicate skin."

- Tiia