Calming treatment serum, 20 ml

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An effectively soothing and caring serum – guaranteed Finnish quality!


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An effectively soothing and caring serum – guaranteed Finnish quality!

This high-quality, gentle serum is light, soothing and repairing . The composition of the serum is gel-like.

The serum is oil-free and alcohol-free, with no added floral water, lactic acid, or perfume. Not tested on animals. Vegan.

Instructions for using the treatment serum: Apply a small amount to cleansed skin under oil or lotion in the morning and evening. Use topically or all over the face. Suitable for use in small amounts under makeup or other skincare products.

Laponie of Scandinavia: simple and functional skincare series for your daily skin needs

The simplified but effective products of the Laponie of Scandinavia skincare series developed in Finland contain only a few carefully selected raw materials. The Laponie of Scandinavia vegan products are created with unwavering professionalism. The high-quality products in the series do not contain added fragrances and are suitable for even sensitive skin.

AQUA - Water, solvent.
RHAMNOSE - Moisturizing and soothing.
PROPANEDIOL - Solvent and humectant. Anti-microbial.
GLYCERIN - Moisturizing and skin protective.
MADECASSOSIDE - An antioxidant that cares for the skin. Soothes, prevents inflammation and heals wounds.
ECTOINE — Cares for the skin, moisturizes the skin for a long period, prevents inflammation, prevents skin irritation and repairs the protective surface of the skin.
SODIUM LEVULINATE - A mild preservative that cares for the skin.
XANTHAN GUM - Film forming and gelling agent.
ACACIA SENEGAL GUM - Gel and thickener.
SODIUM ANISATE - A mild preservative that cares for the skin.
CITRIC ACID - The pH control agent of the product.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 64030319
  • SKU: LAPONI-64030319