Archipelago saltsoap, 120 g

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Soap full of power but nothing artificial, no extra scents! Salt could be imagined to dry the skin as a desert, but it works quite the opposite. This great soap is especially suitable for dry and itchy skin.


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Non-fragrant favourite soap makes your hands so soft!

Saaren Taika, Archipelago Salt Soap, 120 g.Odor free salt soap is suitable for all skin types, but especially great for those who are sensitive to odors, dry and itchy skin.

The soap, which contains Dead Sea salt, washes gently and at the same time moisturizes the skin. The joyful rich and creamy foam of the soap pampers the skin. The mineral content of salt soap promotes skin health.

Easy to use: Moisten the soap and rub it into a sponge or directly on the skin, swirl slightly with your fingertips and finally rinse well.

Soaped coconut oil (organic), Dead Sea salt, saponified olive oil (organic), clean groundwater from the archipelago, glycerin, shea butter (organic), thistle oil.

  • Origin Finland
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