Greasy Fingers soap, 105 g

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Don't worry about grease, oil and paint, not to mention your hands! Super-effective and yet completely natural wonder soap is the supreme friend of car mechanics and gardeners.


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Renovating peoples favourite soap cleanses even the most stubborn dirt!

Saaren Taika aka Island Magic, Greasy fingers soap 105 g.Awesome effective, natural soap for heavy work! Multi-purpose soap cleans very dirty hands. Greasy Fingers Soap is praised by car mechanics, gardeners, and painters.It´s a non-toxic and gentle hand soap.

Organic coconut oil acts as an effective cleanser. It gives the soap a rich and soft foam.

Organic rapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E and is very handy in moisturizing the skin. The foam provided by rapeseed oil is creamy and fluffy.

The coffee grounds in this soap are fair trade organic coffee collected by women. Gently exfoliating coffee particles enhance the effectiveness of the soap and give it its beautiful color and aroma.
Try and be amazed at the power of Island Magic!

Soaped coconut oil and rapeseed oil, water, glycerin, coffee.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430069210234
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