Hand Washing Liquid, Unscented, 300 ml

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An effective and safe choice, also for sensitive skin.


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An effective and safe choice, also for sensitive skin.

An unscented, environmentally friendly handwashing liquid developed for sensitive skin or people with allergies, which can also be used as a shower gel. The olive oil used in the product's raw material comes from organic farms in Spain, Italy, and Greece. Coconut oil comes from a Fair Trade organic farm in the Dominican Republic.
Ingredients: soapy olive* and coconut oil*, sugar surfactant, alcohol distilled from plants (ethanol), glycerin, revitalized water.
= * organic

Olive oil soap> 30% certified organically cultivated / biodynamic cultivation
< br>Coconut oil soap 15-30% certified organically cultivated

Sugar surfactant 5-15% of conventional production

Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 1-5% of conventional production

Vegetable glycerin 1-5 % certified organically grown

Citrate <1%

Invigorated water
  • Origin Germany
  • EAN: 4007547301924
  • SKU: SONETT-4007547301924